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How To DIY Easter Egg with Mixed Coloured Tissue Paper

Supplies and tools needed to make the Easter confetti eggs:

make easter eggs by mixed coloured tissue paper

  • scissors
  • balloon
  • Confetti
  • PVA glue
  • Paper
  • Inflator
  • burin
  • Paper cup


  1. Mix PVA glue and water in a ratio of 1:2 and mix well.

  2. Inflate the latex balloon, adjust to the appropriate size and seal

  3. Wet paper scraps and spread evenly on the surface of the balloon.

  4. Confetti evenly covers about 5-8 layers of balloons

  1. Place the balloon in a cool, ventilated place for about 8 hours.

  2. Take the dried model and paint or graffiti on the surface to create a unique Easter egg that belongs to you and your children.

  3. Cut the egg in half and paste the paper on the inside of the half to make egg seal.

  4. Fill the eggs with candy and snacks.

  5. Finish.


Craft Tips and Tricks:

  1. The amount of glue is very small, and one cup glue can make around 3  easter confetti eggs.
  2. The inflated balloon is as small as possible. The smaller the balloon, the more perfect the shape. The larger the balloon, the more layers of paper scraps you need to stick.
  3. Using different colors of paper confetti, and the eggs will be more colorful.
  4. Egg drying time is long, you can make more eggs on once.
  5. The opening of the egg can also be opened at the bottom so that the shape of the egg will be more complete.
  • Sep 30, 2019
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