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Wow!Secrets About Confetti You Don't Know!

Amazing! Confetti still has these uses!

Monochrome Confetti

1.Monochrome Confetti

Monochrome Confetti can be cut into circles, hearts, bars, triangles, etc. as needed. Monochrome confetti can be freely combined and mixed into your favorite look.


Mixed Coloured Tissue Paper Confetti


2.Mixed Coloured Tissue Paper Confetti

The designer matched some of the more popular color schemes. These mixed confetti can be used for various types of parties such as Christmas, wedding, birthday, babyshower and so on. Is there one that you like?


Push Pop Containers Sprinkle Confetti Poppers



3.Push Pop Containers Sprinkle Confetti Poppers

Push Pop Containers Sprinkle Confetti Poppers is one of the most popular celebration products now. Fill the jar with your favorite paper scraps and squeeze the back of the bottle hard. The confetti was sprayed into the air,It is really funny.


Confetti Balloons


4.Confetti Balloons

Confetti balloons are already a very common party item. You can also put paper scraps in transparent plastic balls or containers, which will also have a very good decorative effect. Here is a little tip to share with you. Fill the balloon and the transparent container with a little water, and the paper scraps will be easily distributed evenly on the inner surface of the balloon.


Table Confetti Decoration


5.Table Confetti Decoration

Sprinkle some confetti on the table, and the table setting will become more full and beautiful. Many photography table settings use confetti. May surprise you ~


Shaped Confetti

 6.Shaped Confetti

Mostly shaped confetti is set according to different festivals or parties. Size and shape are also very different.


Confetti DIY Lantern


 7.Confetti DIY Lantern

Not content with simple lanterns? Paste the confetti you like on the surface of the lantern and you will get a variety of lanterns. How to DIY, reference video:https://youtu.be/Jbqs5XUPj2E

Confetti Eggs


 8.Confetti Eggs

What happens when confetti and PVA glue are mixed? That is you can use confetti to shape any shape you need. You are free to DIY pen holders, Easter eggs, lampshades, boxes, and more. Want to know how to do it? Follow this link:https://youtu.be/QTB8bIuMbrY

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