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23 Fun DIY Christmas Garland Projects worth doing!

DIY Garlands for Holiday Cheer

Garlands are often an overlooked Christmas decoration, but their charm and simplicity make them the perfect addition to your home for the holidays. Plus, they’re easy to make yourself and customize to your liking.

Because the Christmas season screams DIY, we rounded up a few of our favorite homemade garland projects. Make and hang these around your tree, over your staircase railing, mantel, or doorway.

 01. Colorful Felt Garland

colorful felt garlend

Do you have leftover felt scraps lying around from your last few craft projects? Recycle your scraps into something pretty and whimsical! This colorful garland idea can be customized to any color palette—so whether you prefer traditional Christmas colors or a pretty rainbow, anyone can DIY this easy holiday garland.

02. Candy Garland

candy garland ideas

The holiday season is full of whimsy, so its decorations should follow suit. Have extra gumdrops after building your dream gingerbread house? Follow this tutorial to make a colorful candy garland!

03. Paper Tree Garland

paper tree garland

There’s something so sleek and modern about this garland. Some clever cutting will give you these geometric mini trees, which you can then string together on Baker's twine—the whole project can be completed within an hour!

04. DIY Paint Sample Garland

DIY Paint Sample Garland

The more budget-friendly the DIY project, the happier the crafter! Stock up on colorful paint chip samples at your local hardware store to create fun garlands for next-to-nothing.

05. Snowflake Garland

Snowflake Garland

This chic snowflake garland looks store-bought! Go ahead, keep this one up all winter long. Snowflakes never go out of style (at least from December to March, they don't!).

06. Merry Christmas Banner

Merry Christmas Banner

This DIY says it all. It’s easy to make, adorable, and only requires a few easy-to-find supplies. Plus, it looks great wherever you decide to hang it.

07. Burlap Garland

Burlap Garland

Burlap is versatile, simple, and adorable. It’s our favorite material to work with while creating DIY projects, especially during the holidays. This craft uses burlap to create a cheerful Christmas garland perfect for draping across the fireplace.

08. DIY Leaf Garland

DIY Leaf Garland

No green thumb is needed for this cute craft. This DIY paper leaf garland will instantly brighten up your space.

09. Pom-Pom Garland

Pom-Pom Garland

The supplies for this craft are so simple, you probably already have them tucked away somewhere. By the time you’re done, you’ll be an expert pom-pom-maker.

10. Hanging Eucalyptus Leaves

Hanging Eucalyptus Leaves

Studies show including plants in your home is a mood booster and natural air purifier. Here’s a great way to reap the benefits of plants while creating an adorable decoration for guests to muse at.

11. Paint Chip Garlands

Paint Chip Garlands

Colorful paint chips can be used to create virtually any garland you want. Here’s a few creative options.

12. Festive Fruit

 Festive Fruit

What do tangerines, navel,s and blood oranges have in common? Well, besides the obvious fact that they’re all from the citrus family, these fruits come into season in the winter months. This craft is a lovely way to showcase the fruits of the season.

13. DIY Winter Scene Decor

DIY Winter Scene Decor

This tutorial will show you how to create a beautiful wreath-meets-garland holiday decoration. Make multiple to add elegant layers of holiday cheer around your home.

14. Dehydrated Fruit DIY

Dehydrated Fruit DIY

Head to your pantry to find all the supplies necessary for a beautifully-scented and budget-friendly holiday garland.

15. Wine Cork Garland

Wine Cork Garland

This craft is an excellent excuse to open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving. Collect the corks from all your favorites and create a one-of-a-kind upcycled cork garland to decorate your Christmas tree.

16. Glitter Letters

Glitter Letters

You don’t have to flex your artsy muscles too hard for this DIY project. Use the free printables provided in this tutorial for a festive and glittery garland.

17. Stringed Wooden Beads

Stringed Wooden Beads

A little bit of elbow grease (and power tools) will go into this DIY, but we promise the end result is worth it. Just look at those colorful beads!

18. DIY Lighted Garland

DIY Lighted Garland

You can’t have Christmas without twinkly lights. Kick yours up a notch by adding pretty accents like the ones shown in this tutorial.

19. DIY Paper Heart Garland

DIY Paper Heart Garland

Who says Valentine’s Day gets all the heart-shaped decor? This cute garland will work for any holiday. Still not convinced? Use metallics and mix in some stars and other shapes to make it feel more holiday-friendly.

20. Customizable Garlands

Customizable Garlands

The wonderful thing about DIY is that projects can be easily customized to fit your space and personality. You’re sure to find your new favorite decoration with these five variations on a DIY garland.

21. Holiday Florals

Holiday Florals

Greenery and a simple floral arrangement can give every space a lively holiday boost. Use this DIY garland to decorate an item—like with the mirror demonstrated in this tutorial—or simply hang it on a wall or window.

22. Tassel Garland

Tassel Garland

As long as you choose colors that complement your home, there’s no going wrong with this DIY. The in-depth tutorial for this tassel garland will make things easy.

23. Felt Ball Garland DIY

Felt Ball Garland DIY

Not only is this DIY garland simple, but it’s also budget-friendly! Play with inexpensive and easy-to-find felt squares to create this adorable string of felt balls.

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