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How To DIY Make Cloud Lamp?

The material of this DIY cloud paper lantern is very simple. Production is also very convenient. The decorative effect of the cloud lanterns is very beautiful. It is a very good children's room, baby shower party decorations. May wish to make DIY yourself~


Supplies and tools needed to make Cloud Lamp:

  • Hot melt adhesive
  • Cotton
  • Several white paper lanterns
  • Transparent rope
  • LED bulb or string


1. Pick 5-6 paper lanterns of different sizes and expand them

2. Paste a small piece of cotton onto the surface of the lantern, leaving no gaps

3. Lanterns with LED bulbs or string lights

4. Hang the lantern and adjust the position

Craft Tips and Tricks:

1. Glue evenly and leave no gaps.

2. Cotton needs to be kneaded into a group and then attached to the surface of the lantern to prevent it from falling off.

3. Lanterns with remote LED lights are more beautiful and there are no excess wires exposed

So finally, you will be ready with your DIY Cloud Lamp Project. Watch our Do it yourself video above if you have any difficulty and share us with your friend if you love these cloudy lamps.

  • Aug 08, 2019
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