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Adjustable Face Mask Strap Extenders – Traditional disposable face masks are one size fits all which means they can be tight and uncomfortable. These buckle extender straps feature hook-and-loop ends to attach to stretchy ear loops and an adjustable buckle on the back that can be fit to kids, teens, and adults of all ages and head sizes.
Portable and Travel-Friendly Use – Our slip-resistant mask extenders suitable for ear masks with loops can be taken with you and used while you’re shopping, going to the mall, working in front of customers, traveling on an airplane, and more.
Sleek, Heavy-Duty PE Plastic – Offering a more comfortable, seamless fit with a wide range of DIY masks, medical masks, and other common dust masks these mask extender straps are lightweight, durable, and skin safe.
Complete Family or Office Pack – Every order of our mask strap extensions comes with 6 individual extenders in blue, black, and transparent colors to better support you, your kids, or your coworkers.


Package:50 pieces into a opp bag