Backyard Splash Sprint Racing Water Slide-FreeShipping

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Extra-thick heavy-duty PVC is more than twice the thickness of most lawn slides on the market.
Super embossed embossed PVC, without adding soap, directly open the faucet to keep the water on the slider and slider.
Single-Length 480cm / 188", width 70cm / 27.55".Double-Length 480cm / 188", width 140cm / 54.68". It can reduce the impact on the ground when sliding, making the sliding more slippery.
Suitable for the hot summer family's parent-child activities, invite everyone to play with the water slide.
The shower-mode water spray system runs along the length of the slide and provides excellent hydraulic coverage for easy connection to water pipes.


Package:1 piece into an opp bag;

Size:Single-Length 480cm / 188", width 70cm / 27.55".

        Double-Length 480cm / 188"