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8 Tips on How to throw a Great Party, According to Professional Mingler
  1. Invite extra people

You should invite enough people to fill the party space and bear in mind that, on average, 30% of people don't turn up. Being in a wide-open space can make guests feel uncomfortable so it's better to be a little compact.


  1. Do some prep work

Think about which of your guests have similar interests or you think will get on well. Then on the night, guide them in the right direction. Another good idea is to prepare topics of conversation, such as films, holidays, or recent news.


  1. Delegate duties

Rather than handling all of the jobs yourself, get other family members or close friends to carry out some tasks, such as being the greeter at the front door.


  1. Keep the energy up

The conversation should always be flowing, which is easier if guests meet a few people at a time, rather than everyone. It's essential to keep the energy of the party up to make it a success.


  1. You can interrupt

It's a good idea to introduce newcomers to people who already know each other, so there is a sense of familiarity there already. But be careful not to do this too often, as it can get annoying.


  1. Save people that are looking awkward

Is one of your guests looking unhappy or uncomfortable in a particular chat, looking around the room and fidgeting a lot? Go up to the "stuck" person and say you'd like to introduce them to someone that's just arrived. This prevents them from feeling like they can't escape.


  1. Have two-minute conversations

Make sure not to get too involved in your own conversations, and limit them to two minutes each. Your job is to introduce everyone else to each other.


  1. Avoid looking at your phone

It's very easy to fall into the trap of looking at your phone when you're feeling a little anxious. But this can give off very anti-social signals. Mingling, interacting and introducing don't involve your phone anyway.

  • Jun 21, 2019
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