600ML Disinfection Dispenser Sensor-FreeShipping

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【Intelligent Design】The development of non-contact manual soap dispenser is to atomize hand disinfectant or alcohol, emit ultraviolet rays, and provide automatic dose of disinfectant spray, which can quickly and easily clean the hand and eliminate cross-contamination. And achieve optimal hand hygiene.
【High quality materials】With 304 stainless steel and premium PC + ABS plastic material.Transparent visual window design, convenient and beautiful, can grasp the use of liquid in real time.
【Waterproof and durable】 The disinfection machine alcohol mist spray with Class 3A leak proof and waterproof technology to prevent various disinfectants, hand sanitizers from corroding the board.The built-in bottle has a large capacity of 600ml, which equals around 600sprays.Provide automatic dosage of fine spray each use.Reliable system with a long service life.
【Easy to use】Dual power supply design,use of battery or plug in power.Wall hanging design.The product is equipped with two nails for installation.It can fix the product on the wall , without occupying the space of the washing table.


Package:1 piece into a box;


Material:ABS+Stainless Steel