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How To Make a Paper BookMarks?


  • Assorted 12"x 12" cardstock
  • Embroidery thread, yarn or string: assorted colors
  • Glue pen
  • Paper punch
  • knife
  • Cutting surface
  • Metal ruler
  • Scissors



  1. Glue two pieces of cardstock together, then cut out a base rectangle to the size you desire (you may want to curve the corners).
  2. Cut additional pieces of cardstock to decorate the bookmarks.
  3. Attach the colored accent pieces using your glue pen.
  4. Punch a hole into the bookmark in the center at the top or bottom.
  5. Tie embroidery thread, yarn or any colored string to make a tassel.
  6. Snip the ends of the tassel for a clean neat finish.


Tips and Tricks:

Bookmarks can be simple animal or nature shapes such as dog, cat, flowers or bugs. This is very simple. Some animal or fruit shapes can be downloaded as a cropping reference. This way your DIY bookmarks will have more creativity.

You can also dress up the bookmarks with cute phrases or inspirational quotes.

  • Apr 11, 2019
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